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This machine utilizes a high-powered cylindrical scrubbing system that  will clean your floors quickly and efficiently. It is the largest piece of janitorial equipment in our fleet. Dust free debris pickup  is another feature of this machine along with a high-speed vacuum to  recover solution leaving your floors clean and dry!


The functions of this machine are simple and straight forward, which  makes operation control easy to learn and speeds up your whole cleaning  process. Because this is a Tennant machine, the Model 7400 is built tough with a one piece steel T-bar construction and a wrap-around bumper. 

Cleaning path: 57-inch / 1450 mm 

Solution tank: 70 gallon 265liter 

Recovery tank: 70 gallon 265liter   

Cylindrical scrub head 

Speed: 400 rpm   

Down pressure weight (variable to) :400 lb / 180 kg 

Brush diameter (2): 11-inch    

Brush length (2): 45-inch 

Side brush  

Speed: 210 rpm    

Down pressure weight (variable to):140 lb   

Brush diameter (2): 16-inch 

Demisting chamber:34 gallon 129liter 

Vacuum fan speed: 14,000 rpm 

Vacuum water lift: 45-inch 1145 mm 

Propel speed forward (variable to): 8.0 mph 12.9 km/h 

Propel speed reverse (variable to): 4.0 mph 6.4 km/h

Engine-gasoline: 55 hp FORD

Transport at gross weight:  8 deg/14.1%    

Working (scrubbing): 6 deg/10.5%  

Machine Dimensions

Length: 97-inch / 2465 mm 

Width: 63-inch / 1600 mm

Height:58-inch / 1475mm        

Rear squeegee: 60-inch / 1525 mm

Weight: 3,299 lb / 1495 kg 

Minimum aisle turn: 125.5-inch / 3185 mm

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